What are the types of sanctions the Commission can impose?

The Commission can issue a warning, a reprimand, a suspension of up to three years, and for the most serious situations, can revoke an educator’s certificate.

Revocation lasts for three years, and when the three years are over, the educator must reapply for a certificate.  The Commission has discretion as to whether to grant a new certificate.  Suspension can be any number of contract days up to three years.  Once the suspension ends, the certificate is automatically reinstated.  Suspensions must occur on consecutive contract days, so an educator cannot serve a suspension during the summer, over fall, winter, or spring break, on weekends, or intermittently throughout the year.  An educator cannot be paid by a public school while the certificate is suspended or revoked.

Reprimands and warnings do not result in any loss of income from public school employment.