What can I expect if I hire Ann?

First, you can expect that Ann will listen to your story, and she will fight for the best possible outcome. 

Assuming that you hire Ann when you first receive a letter from the Commission announcing its investigation, Ann will draft a statement on your behalf.  This means that you do not have to speak to the investigator and that you avoid the risk of having something you say used against you.  Once you are comfortable with the statement that Ann has drafted, Ann will then send it to the investigator under her signature.  Ann will then handle all subsequent questions from the investigator and you will not have to speak directly to the investigator.

If the Commission recommends a suspension and you wish to fight it, Ann will request the hearing on your behalf. You and Ann will then discuss potential strategies.  If you want to settle the case, you and Ann will discuss the terms of the settlement, from the type and length of the sanction to the language in the consent order describing the allegation.  If you want to have a hearing, you and Ann will discuss whether any additional evidence or witnesses would be helpful to your case.

Ann charges a flat fee for representation in these cases.  That means you can contact Ann as much as you need without incurring any additional fees.