Georgia Teachers

Education is an important, influential calling. Unfortunately, these days, it is also a juggling act with serious consequences for dropping a ball, whether that ball be ensuring student safety, handling special education paperwork, comporting with school financial policies, or improving student scores on standardized tests.

Teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators can lose their jobs, their licenses, and sometimes even their freedom for a mistake in any of these areas, and so many others. Attorney Ann Brumbaugh, the daughter of a teacher, has represented educators in employment, ethics, criminal, and DFCS cases since 2014. Her vast experience, patience, and passionate advocacy has assisted hundreds of educators in the worst hours of their professional lives.

Suspensions, Terminations, and Non-Renewals

Have you received a Notice of Non-Renewal?
Must you choose between resignation and termination?
Does your school system want to suspend you?

These are issues Ann handles every day. Ann will start with a consultation in her office where you will tell her your story. We will consider the specifics of your situation, which includes how long you have worked, where you currently work, and any personal obligations outside of work that could impact your decision. Ann will review all relevant documents and will explain to you the laws and policies that apply to your job (because, unfortunately, they vary from school system to school system). We will discuss various strategies and the pros and cons for each one. Once you have decided the right approach for you, Ann will execute upon that strategy.

If you decide that you want to resign or accept a suspension,

  • Ann will negotiate the best possible outcome.
  • Ann will take steps to preserve your reputation as you seek future employment.

If you want to invoke your right to a hearing,

  • Ann will aggressively defend you.
  • Ann will expose the weaknesses in the school system’s case and highlight the strengths in yours.
  • Ann will make sure that the school system follows the procedure and does not cut corners.

If you are facing any of these situations, please contact Ann.

Ethics Cases

Has your school system informed you that they are reporting you to the Professional Standards Commission?
Have you received a Notice of Investigation from the Professional Standards Commission?
Have you received a letter from the Professional Standards Commission recommending that your certificate be reprimanded, suspended, or revoked?

These are serious legal issues for which skilled, experienced legal help is paramount. Fortunately, Ann is one of the most experienced lawyers in Georgia with regards to the Professional Standards Commission. As an Assistant Attorney General, Ann represented the Professional Standards Commission from 2005–2012, and has represented teachers, paraprofessionals, student teachers, and administrators before the Professional Standards Commission since 2014.

Ann conducts the same in-depth investigation into Professional Standards Commission cases as she does with employment discipline cases, listening to her clients and then fighting on their behalf. As with employment discipline issues, many of Ann’s cases settle on very favorable terms which enable the educator to continue his or her career. When the Professional Standards Commission is unwilling to compromise, Ann strenuously defends her clients at hearings held before Administrative Law Judges at the Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH).

Please see the Administrative Law page and the Frequently Asked Questions page. Both provide more information about Professional Standards Commission cases, particularly deadlines, which are crucial to follow.

Other Employment and Certification Issues

In addition to disciplinary issues, Ann represents teachers in many other areas, including certification upgrades, salary disputes, teacher evaluation appeals, and accommodations requests. Ann speaks the language of educators fluently, such as with regards to TKES evaluations. For example, if you tell her that you received a 15 on your Summative or a 2 in Differentiated Instruction, she will know exactly what you mean, what that means for your career, and what your legal options are. She will then work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs.

Should the school system blatantly ignore the law, Ann will enforce your rights through the court system. Though suing school systems for monetary damages is generally very difficult, Ann has successfully obtained orders from the Superior Courts of Georgia forcing school systems to do what the law requires.

Criminal Allegations and Child Abuse Investigations by the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS)

Unfortunately, teachers and paraprofessionals are sometimes forced to defend themselves from criminal charges or allegations from DFCS that they have committed child abuse or neglect. As a former prosecutor, Ann can defend teachers and paraprofessionals from these charges as well. Ann brings the same passionate advocacy to these cases as she does to employment and ethics cases. Additionally, once the criminal case is resolved, Ann will try to get the records restricted and sealed on behalf of her clients.

Additional Resources for Georgia Teachers

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Ann understands how seriously teachers take their responsibilities. She is equally committed to helping Georgia teachers. If you are an educator who may need legal assistance, please contact Ann today.